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Mindful Leadership

It is a simple enough idea to let fall all our obligations and our aspirations in order to live in the moment, but in the reality of everyday, we have our bills to pay and our families to support.  If you are talented, pretty soon you will have a team to lead and senior management to please.  Is it possible to have both?  If we study the original literature, which derives from Buddhist teaching, material possessions are chains that hold us back from achieving enlightenment.  Few of us in the West have the option or the desire to pursue this extreme path, but Mindfulness practice can still bring enormous benefits to our mental health.  The Riboudin Mindful Leadership programme is a four-day course that uses Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help senior managers improve their performance through improved awareness.

During the course we explore the science and practise of Mindfulness itself and then probe into how our world view can be rebuilt to improve our empathy with our work colleagues whilst also improving personal happiness.

It can often seem that Mindfulness is against progress and struggle, but the deeper message is that struggle is what we have and it is how we confront and engage with the struggle that decides if we are happy or not. Many apparently successful executives are deeply unhappy, either because they feel that they are under too many obligations or because they feel that they have not achieved as much as they could have.  These thought patterns lead to burnout and exhaustion, resulting in sickness. 




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