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In our ever connected world, it is hard to find time just for yourself.  Too often our "Be Kind to yourself" moments are actually repetitions of our driven behaviour, consuming sugary foods, salty snacks and alcohol.  At Riboudin, we love a glass of wine and fine food, but no matter how tasty, this is not finding yourself.  Mindfulness is the way to truly find and be happy with yourself.

Letting go of our disappointment with the past and our anxiety about the future is how we find ourselves right here, right now, and when we find ourselves in the present moment, we can start the process of healing.  Set in more than 4 Hectares of wooded hillside, Le Riboudin is the perfect place for you to set yourself outside of the maelstrom that is modern living, and to centre yourself upon the practice of mindfulness. 

If you are unfamiliar with Mindfulness, we offer short courses over a long weekend, but those who have already embarked upon the journey can come and simply be with us in these beautiful surroundings.  There is no pressure to do anything, and our support is informal and non-directing.  Those who are new to meditation find guidance is helpful, and we have spaces with audio guides as well as seats in the woodland.

Few people sit for more than an hour, and in the other time you can stroll around the woodland, explore the beautiful cliffs to Etretat or join us on a guided walk.  We love our food, and we prepare it mindfully as best we can.  Visitors can join us to set up the smokers, collect honey if the season is right, or just sit in the greenery and eat nature's gifts.





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