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Welcome to Riboudin Retreats, March - October 2020

Rest, restore and renew at our residential retreats in Normandy, France.  We specialise in Mindulfulness Based Stress Reduction, Meditation practices, Relaxation, Yoga and Wellbeing. Set in ten and half acres of wild bluebell woodland, just three km from the sea and famous beach of Étretat, Riboudin Retreats is the perfect place to indulge in some precious 'me time' and work on finding that all important balance in your daily life.


Registration for 2019 5 day Mindful Meditation, and Wellbeing Retreats is now open.

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Gift vouchers now available for Birthdays, Valentines day & Christmas, choose your ideal week and accommodation and I will send you a gift voucher to present to someone you love.


So what is mindfulness?

IMindfulness helps us to feel calm, relaxed, boosts our immune system, is scientifically proven to help reduce and manage anxiety, stress and depression and enables us to experience gratitude for all that is going on in our lives.  It has its roots in Buddhism and has been practiced for over 2,500 years, in essence it is about being present and aware of the moment we are in.  Mindfulness based meditations allow us to practice and develop our awareness through observation of self, sensations and surroundings.   If we can remain present then we can truly appreciate our lives at the very moment we are living them. 


What is it like at Riboudin Retreats?

Riboudin Retreats is a space where you can take a moment to reconnect with yourself, take time for all important self-care and learn techniques for relaxation and stress reduction that you will be able to incorporate into your everyday life.  Whether you're completely new to mindfulness based meditations and self care practices, or you want to deepen your current understanding and build on existing practices we have a retreat ready for you.

- Theresa, Founder of Riboudin Retreats.


Meet our founder.

I'm a British midwife who moved to France 10 years ago with my family, I spent time studying herbalism and CBT, before finding a balance in my own life with mindfulness and meditation.

I started practicing meditation following an episode of depression that my husband had, lets not forget how difficult this can be for the family.

I have learned that when things get tough and the mind is constantly chattering we need to take time for ourselves, take a deep breath in and show ourself a little kindness.  It is only when we really learn to look after ourselves in this way that we can really give that kindness back and look after our loved ones.


I love how mindfulness activates the bodies calming response helping us find a better balance in our lives.   ♥ Theresa 





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