About Riboudin Retreats

Rest, Restore, Renew

Riboudin Retreats is no less than a dream come true.  A little over 10 years ago, the dream was to move to France so my family and I could spend more quality time together enjoying each other, the French countryside, the fresh air, the seaside breeze and beaches and of course the promise of readily available French champagne and cheese brought a smile to my lips.  And so Normandy became our home, a beautiful area in Northern France, set in ten and a half acres of wild bluebell woodland, just 3km from the sea and famous beach of Étretat.  Now the dream is bigger and involves sharing an experience of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and wellbeing with you.

We have opened our home and Riboudin Retreats is the beautiful result.  A peaceful place immersed in nature to nurture and reconnect.  We offer all inclusive residential and day retreats with professional instruction in yoga, mindful meditation, relaxation and wellbeing.  It is our hope that our courses encourage and guide you in your practice, whether you're a complete beginner to these experiences or you're looking to deepen  your current practice and understanding we look forward to welcoming you.

Meet The Team

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Theresa Powell

I'm a mindfulness and meditation teacher and I moved to France10 years ago to spend more time with my family.  Back in England I was a midwife which I wholeheartedly loved but my life in France inspired a career change and so I spent time studying herbalism and cognitive behavioral therapy CBT, before finding a balance in my own life with mindfulness and meditation.

I started practicing meditation following an episode of depression that my husband had, lets not forget how difficult this can be for the family.

I have learned that when things get tough and the mind is constantly chattering we need to take time for ourselves, take a deep breath in and show ourself a little kindness.  It is only when we really learn to look after ourselves in this way that we can really give that kindness back and look after our loved ones.


I love how mindfulness activates the bodies calming response helping us find a better balance in our lives.   ♥ Theresa


Le Riboudin

I'm a Winter Wren and the namesake of Riboudin Retreats.  I'm a busy, social and joyful little bird and symbolize a renewal of energy.  I often migrate and move home so act as a reminder that love should be carried with you always and kindness extended everywhere.


♥ Le Riboudin


Frankie Scott

I'm a 200hr yoga teacher of vinyassa and restorative yoga.  A couple of years ago, sat in the garden of what is now Riboudin Retreats, I put it out there that I loved the idea of packing my belongings into a backpack, boarding a flight to India and learning to be a yoga teacher.  I had a love for yoga that started as a teenager practicing at home to a Geri Yoga DVD, that had since spanned more than 10 years of practice with many teachers, in many studios. 


And so the adventure began, I quit my job in the events industry and started a 7 month journey around India and Nepal turning my passion into my new career.  The experience of traveling, learning, and exploring made me feel brave and discover what I was really capable of and this is really what yoga is all about for me.  In my classes I hope people find space to discover all that they are capable of. Yoga is not about standing on your head, but about seeing and accepting what already is and with this, understanding that you are already capable of everything you wish to achieve.


I also studied Tibetan singing bowl therapy and love to incorporate the bowls relaxing, vibrational frequencies into my classes. If people leave my class feeling good then i've done my job well.

♥ Frankie