5 day mindful meditation, Yoga & wellbeing residential retreats

Here at Riboudin Retreats we host seasonal group residential retreats focusing on mindfulness, meditation,Yoga and wellbeing.  Immersed in the French countryside and just 3km from the famous beaches of Étretat, we love engaging with nature and delight in interacting with the changing landscape and seasons around us.

Choose your favourite season and join us for a few days on one of our 2020 retreats.



A typical day at Riboudin Retreats  features a number of guided Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Meditations. Relaxation classes, Guided Walks exploring  the French countryside and coast, with plenty of space and time for you to take moments for yourself to rest, restore and renew.  Our retreats are designed to nourish you from the inside out, enjoy homemade, nutritious vegetarian meals and snacks featuring produce from our garden,honey from our bees and organic free range eggs from our chickens.

Ingredients subject to availability. PLease let us know about any food allergies at time of booking.

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The memories I will treasure will be the kindness and compassion from the teachers that I received during my journey throughout the retreat.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a bit of time for self-care and to help build that valuable connection between the mind and the body.

- Laura, England.


A life changing experience.

We were lucky to 'fall' into a peace of heaven. We were surrounded with beauty kindness and good smells.

- Rachel, Israel

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If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.

- Buddha