Help focus through hand massage.

Lemon Verbena Oil has a fresh, lemony, sweet aroma, it's pale yellow in colour and can also be applied topically, as long as it is diluted with a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil or sunflower oil.

It may also help relieve anxiety or depression by improving the mindfulness process.

Here at Riboudin Retreats a favourite mindfulness activity of mine is a Lemon Verbena hand massage. A scented hand massage calms and relaxes you, giving a positive sense of well-being, bringing your focus of attention to the present through touch and smell.

If you would like to try this I suggest the following steps.

1. Wash your hands in warm soapy water and dry, find a quiet comfortable place to sit.

2. Mix a few drops of Lemon Verbena into 30ml (2 tablespoons) of a carrier oil, I use a sunflower oil.

3. Pour a little oil into the palm or your left hand, then work the oil using strong circular movements as you massage the oil into palm of your hand. Massage the two hands together, taking time to stop and smell the oil, cup your hands around your nose and breathe deeply to draw the aroma deep into your lungs.

4. Begin at the base of each finger, gently pulling and applying a little pressure out towards the finger tip. Do not rush this process, but focus on the sensations in each hand.

5.Using the right index finger draw along the out side edges of the left hand up and down in between the fingers, as if tracing the outline of your hand on paper. Repeat with the right hand and then repeat again with each hand and your eyes closed. Focus intently on the sensations of smell and touch, bringing your full attention to the process.

6. Finish massaging the hands by applying criss-cross strokes across the front and back of both hands paying attention to the outer pads of the hands.

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