My little Piece of heaven.

As a good rule of thumb, any environment that consistently leaves you feeling bad about who you are is the wrong environment and an environment that leaves you feeling loved, secure and positive is a good one.

For years, I felt guilty about not listening to my intuition and for treating my body and mind badly.When I became honest with myself about what I wanted, I began to take care of myself, preserving my mental health, practicing yoga and meditation, nourishing my body, and nurturing my soul. I made my priorities clear and realized what was important to me.

I remember saying to my husband I am “drowning in suburbia”, in a dramatic Virginia Woolf kind of way. I needed space, to live surrounded by trees to feel connected to the earth, to meditate and practice yoga in the garden and woods and on the beach.

And finally, I accepted myself for who I am and for having my own needs. I went back Mindfulness and Meditation, obtaining courses and certifications to better myself and improve my skills. I started trusting my innate needs and desires because I finally realized that it’s up to me to decide how I spend my time.

Our alone time is so vital to our well-being that if we don’t listen to our needs we end up feeling frustration, resentment, and the inevitable fatigue that goes with them. Living life according to your own needs is OK, it’s OK to do whatever you need to feel balanced, fulfilled and connected to your self.

Rest Restore and renew at Riboudin Retreats.

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