Mindfulness In Nature

I had lovely people last week who took part in my Monday afternoon Mindfulness In Nature Experience, I run this meditation group most weeks when we don't have retreat guests


This is a three hour group experience bring Mindfulness into our lives in everyday situations. Exploring the senses as we connect with nature, bring awareness to the rhythm of our feet and the ground beneath us, the cool air making contact with our skin, the tweeting of birds, colours and details of the flowers and insects we see. To often we live on auto pilot unaware of our environment and wishing we were else where, doing something else. Our lives can quickly pass us by when we're not focused on what matters. We have a bad habit of emphasizing the negative and overlooking the positive. Being mindful can help. Mindfulness is the process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which one can develop through the practice of meditation and through other training.

Lena so graciously wrote, "I highly recommend Theresa’s experience! I’m more seasoned in meditation, but my partner is very new to the practice. He learned a ton and benefited greatly. Theresa is incredibly warm, and the property is the perfect serene getaway with green grass and chickens happily roaming about. We were fortunate enough to come when the bluebell flowers were at their peak, so we got to meditate among them in the forest with a symphony of nature buzzing, singing, squeaking all around. Theresa taught us ways to incorporate mindfulness into every aspect of our day, versus just a sitting meditation, which we felt was very helpful. Also the vegan cake was delicious! Thank you Theresa, we’ll be seeing you again soon!”

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