Vegan Chocolate Brownies & Vegan 'Feta Cheese'.

I love to cook and host a Veggie Cooking Experience most Friday mornings, followed by a delicious lunch, eating everything we have cooked that morning.

I can easily replace butter, with coconut oil or vegetable oil, the range or dairy free yogurt is immense and plant based milk alternatives are not a problem to find in supermarkets. We have our own chickens, who daily give me delicious free range eggs, so morally I am happy to eat them. It's really almost vegan... apart from the cheese. I love cheese and the thought of not indulging in the many wonderful cheeses available in France would just make me sad. We do however have visitors who are vegan, so I continue to work on retreat recipes and treats for them. The chocolate Brownies are a family favorite and the Vegan 'Feta Cheese', is amazingly good. Although I think the French might laugh at me here.

The Brownie recipe is curtsy of Jamie Oliver, although I added the cranberry... I can't resist changing something and the Vegan ' Feta Cheese' from Delicious Everyday.

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